Sandoval lake tour Adventure 2D/1N (Option B)

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    Start In :Airport/Bus station/Hotel (At anytime)
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    Finish In :Pto Maldonado. At 5 pm or (9:30 am for flights)
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    Duration :2 Days
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    Phisical Demand :Medium
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    Ages :All Ages 04 Yld
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    Group size :20 Pax
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    Tour code :2dLAKE
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    Activities :Jungle hiking, Cayman search, Canoe rowing
  • Tamopata-tours-16Tamopata-tours-15
    Attractions :Sandoval Lake, Monkey Island
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    Accommodation :Jungle Lodge (1 night)
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    Meals :1 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 1 dinners
  • Tamopata-tours-16Tamopata-tours-15
    Transport :Mini Van, Motor Boat, Dugout Canoe
  • Tamopata-tours-16Tamopata-tours-15
    Language :English - Spanish
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High canopy bridge pathway. the zip-line wire, almost 200m long, which we fly through the air flow. kayaking, well safeguarded, and followed by a motorboat that ensures extra security; untill reach the monkey island;

  • 35 mts high, Canopy bridge and 300 mts Zip Line glide
  • River kayaking and visit to Monkey island
  • Cayman search at night in motor boat
We will walk 3 kilometers to the Sandoval Lake to see a variety of birds and monkeys species, giant river otters they’re endangered species and the biggest black cayman while rowing a dugout canoe
  • Hike 3 km Guided walk round way to Sandoval Lake
  • Rowing on traditional dugout canoe around lake and Lunch
  • River drive to Puerto Maldonado back at 6:00 pm

River adventure and high speed adrenaline glide over trees canopy

Day 1.- Reception at the international airport and transfer to our office in Puerto Maldonado, then walk two blocks to a private dock where you will receive a brief explanation of the trip and essential tips before you begin.

You will embark on a 40-minute motorboat trip down the Madre de Dios River.
Short hike 30 meters high, footpath of the bridge at dawn is impressive.

The adventure circuit is reached by climbing a system of towers and stairs that ascend to the tops of the trees and a platform 30 meters above the surface of the forest.

You will feel the air flow in your face as you cross the suspension bridge, which leads to a platform wrapped around the huge trunk of a tree, one of the thickest and strongest trees found in the rainforest.

Orchids and other aerial plants that grow between tall branches are usually seen closely as the nests of many birds.

We return by the bridge of the canopy and climb to the high platform that marks the beginning of the zipline cable, almost 200 m long, that we fly through the air flow like eagles towards a platform.

The views are exceptional only harmonized by the enjoyment of overcoming our fears and the adrenaline that flows through us.

The footbridge of 200 m long, which hangs on the ground, leaves this system; an act of balance takes us to the platform at the beginning of the second zip line, flies back to the tower that goes down to the forest floor.

After lunch, we go to the river to practice kayaking, well protected with high quality life vests, and followed by a motorboat that guarantees greater security; This activity is quiet and accessible to everyone.

Going down the river, or against the flow of the river, we can easily see the countless birds that inhabit this area, which would otherwise be inaccessible from the river bank to the island of the monkeys.

These monkeys are used to having contact with human beings and will have the opportunity to go through the treetops, lowering the trunks of the large trees that are part of their home to accept the food of visitors. Several diverse species live in harmony due to their habitat on an island.

Before dinner, we will make a night walk through the lodge to appreciate the diversity of insects, amphibians, reptiles and other nocturnal animals. then night in the jungle lodge


Hike and Canoe rowing on Sandoval Lake

Day 2.- After breakfast, we will make a brief boat trip to the entrance of Lake Sandoval, after showing our entrance tickets at the checkpoint, we will walk 3 kilometers (2 miles approx.) To Lake Sandoval.The trek is within the Tambopata national reserve, following the pleasant walk, the guide will receive a rowing boat where we will have our navigation on the lake to understand a variety of bird and monkey species.The giant river otters (almost two meters long) are very often seen, they are endangered species and it is also possible to observe the largest caiman registered in more than 4 meters in length.We will have lunch on the lake with a beautiful view of the rest of the picnic-style lake for a while and we will walk back to the motorboat on the river bank to take us back to Puerto Maldonado around 5 pm.
Hotels included on this tour