Macaw clay lick tour adventure 3D/2N (Option B)

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  • Start In :Airport/Bus station/Hotel (At anytime)
  • Finish In :Pto Maldonado. At 9:30 am or (5 pm for additional)
  • Duration :3 Days
  • Phisical Demand :Medium
  • Ages :All Ages 04 Yld
  • Group size :11 Pax
  • Tour code :3dCLAY ADVB
  • Activities :Bird watching, Zip Line, Canopy Walk, Jungle hiking
  • Attractions :Macaw Clay Lick, Tambopata River, Pending bridge
  • Accommodation :Jungle Lodge (2 nts)
  • Meals :2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners
  • Transport :4x4 car, Motor boat, Dugout Canoe
  • Language :English - Spanish
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4X4 car for approximately 2 hours to get the Tambopata river, Jungle walk to see animals such as pecaries, monkeys, reptiles and wonderful insects and much more.

  • 2 hours by 4x4 car, then motor boat for 10 mins
  • Botanical walk into the Amazon jungle
  • Night Walk around jungle lodge
Early morning to Macaw clay lick, you will watch first a large group of parrots of different species, they arrive earlier and later you will enjoy one of the most beautifull shows of big colorful macaws flying over your head to eat clay. There are mainly 3 beatiful species of the most colorful and big macaws of america combining color reds, greens, blues and yellow
  • Early river boat to Macaw clay lick
  • Birdwatching a large amount of Macaws flying and eating clay
  • Cayman search at night in motor boat
Transfer to airport depending on fligh schedule
  • End of our services

Road trip to natural reserve, motor boat and walk

Day 1.- Arrival at the airport or bus station and transfer to our office for the arrangements and information related to the tour before leaving the city of Puerto Maldonado.

In case you have large luggage, we suggest that you repack and bring what is required in the Amazon rainforest. Then, transfer in a 4X4 vehicle for approximately 2 hours to reach the Tambopata River.

In this part of the trip, we took a motorboat to the lodge. After settling in the ecolodge we will have lunch followed by a walk through the jungle to see and learn. We will have the opportunity to see animals in their natural habitat such as, for example, amphibians, mammals, reptiles and wonderful insects.

On dinner, we will have a short briefing about next day activity


Visit the CHUNCHO Macaw clay lick

Day 2.- We get up early in the morning, at 4:30 am, to take a boat trip to the "collpa" (Quechua word meaning clay with minerals) of the most popular macaws of the Amazon called Chuncho.We will make a trip of 1 hour and a half by motorboat, during the trip we will have the opportunity to see some animals such as, for example, capybaras, tapirs and it is even possible to see the largest cat in South America, the jaguar.Many travelers are witnesses and bring photographic evidence of encounters with many of these wild animals.After arriving at the macaw clay lick, we will first observe the arrival of large groups of parrots and parrots of different species, which arrive before the macaws to eat the mud located next to the clay wall on the river bank.We will find a camouflaged place as close as possible to better see the clay lick from our chairs to await the start of one of the most beautiful bird watching views on the planet.In a day of normal activity in the macaw clay lick, you will notice a great selection of these wonderful animals flying over you becoming an unforgettable experience.Back to our ecolodge, we will have breakfast and rest after an exhausting activity. Then we will walk through the botanical garden where you can see some fruits, timber trees, and medicinal plants.After lunch we will prepare for transport back to Puerto Maldonado, exactly the same route, we will return to the Puerto Maldonado and transfer to your hotel located in the center of the city, Night in the hotel is included (dinner is not included tonight) but there are a lot of tourist restaurants and night spots to say goodbye to this warm city.

Drop off to airport or bus station

Depending on the time of your flight we will go to the hotel to pick you up and transfer you to the airport or bus station (breakfast at the hotel is not included)
Hotels included on this tour
Hacienda Tambopata is situated in Tambopata reserve area. Each room here includes a mosquito net and an private bathroom with free of charge toiletries. Areas have electricity between 17:00 and 21:00. Some other rooms are usually lit by candle lighting. An everyday breakfast, lunch and supper are incorporated. At Hacienda Tambopata Lodge visitors will find.
Hotel Description & Facilities
Questions & Answers

What time does this tour depart from Puerto Maldonado and arrive back in?

Arriving by bus?

  • For people arriving by bus we start at 8:30 a.m  departing from our office in Puerto Maldonado

Arriving by Plane?

  • The first plane arriving to Puerto Maldonado is around 10:00 am and the last plane arrives at 4 p.m , so our first group will start the tour around 11:20
  • For peope arriving later than 12:00 pm we will start tour around 1:00 p.m, for LATAM  airlines arriving at 4:00 p.m we will start thetour as soon as posible

Already in Puerto Maldonado?

  • For people that are already in a hotel the pick up will be around 8:00 a.m and start tour at 8:30 a.m approximately

Packing list for tambopata tours 3 days jungle tour?

1) Long pants:. The mosquitoes are insane, wear long pants for all the jungle walks and excursions.

(2) Shorts you can consider something like the convertible pants to shorts ensemble.

(3) Fast-dry t-shirts: suggest packing 2 t-shirts per day.

(4) Long sleeve t-shirts: protect yourself from mosquito bites and the sun during excursions.

(5) Rain jacket: it’s better to go prepared.

(6) Swimsuit: Don’t let movies of piranhas and anacondas scare you!

(7) Closed shoes: A sturdy pair of hiking shoes would be ideal for the jungle walks.

(8) Flip flops: lounge shoes after all the hikes.

(9) Long socks: Long socks all the way and if you own waterproof socks even better!

(10) Underwear: odor resistant, and breathable.

(11) Hat: baseball cap, you can decide what works for you.

(12) Sunscreen: unless you want to turn into a lobster.

(13) Bug spray: You are going to need this and you will want to spray it all over

(14) After-Bite: This stuff really helps relieve the itch.

(15) Flashlight or headlamp: you can keep next to your bed in case nature calls at night.

(16) Sunglasses: To keep them rays out of your eyes.

(17) Refillable water bottle: To take out on the excursions.

(18) Camera: Because you are going to want to document this adventure.

(19) Dry bag: These bags are great for keeping your electronics safe and dry

(20) Binoculars: on the Amazon we were looking for sloths, birds, and lizards that were not only perched up in the trees but that could camouflage in the foliage.

(21) Travel insurance: you should always have travel insurance when you travel,

Useful things to know before you go

Currencies accepted:

  • S/. Sol
  • $/. Dollar


There are no vaccines required to enter Peru.  If you decide to take medicines. These are suggested indications, so please visit your doctor before you travel.

    Recommended for Peru. Normally 2 months before travel.
  • For RABIES
    Recommended for Peru. Normally 1 month before travel.
    Recommended for Peru. Normally 10 days before travel.


  • Depending on the accommodation in the jungle, electricity hours are limited during the day, most hotels offer several hours in the evening, usually until 10 pm, allowing travelers to charge their personal items.