All Tambopata  tours are carried out in the natural reserve

It is very attractive option for people who love nature, the trips by the river is habitual and is an essential point in the tours to Tambopata. Above all it is a highly recommended place for bird watching, a tour and your stay in the rainforest is ideal for any traveler accustomed to modern big cities.

The national reserve of Tambopata is one of the most protected forests in the world. The reserve is near the Tambopata and Madre de Dios Rivers converge in Puerto Maldonado, a remote jungle village with access to some of the best wildlife  likewise  spoting animals are easier in this area of Peru Amazon rainforest.

Tambopata has the best road connections with Lima, Cusco and Brazil and offers opportunities for those with a tight budget; Similarly excursions at reasonable prices, tours can be taken from Puerto Maldonado. It offers access to the Amazon’s largest canopy walkway in Peru.

Tambopata reserve tours

The Tambopata Candamo reserve area – It spans more than 769,000 acres and is located in the Madre de Dios region near the city of Puerto Maldonado therefore the diversity of this natural park of Tambopata is truly astonishing and many world records have been obtained in fauna and wildlife observation:

  • In Tambopata tours offer expeditions to the Macaw Colpa, one of the largest birdwatching spots in the world’s natural parks, which attracts thousands upon thousands of parrots and macaws on most days.

Taking one of these tours in the Tambopata Nature Reserve will allow you to enjoy the view of beautiful rivers, pristine lakes and primary forests of southeastern Peru are full of wildlife.

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We have been working in Tambopata reserve tours for approximately 20 years in the jungle regions of Peru, likewise guiding many visitors from around the world and certainly we have the best living experiences in wildlife.

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We will be happy to help you with information about Tambopata tours or any other information related to the Peru Amazon rainforest.

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We have been collaborating with many jungle people, even more we intend to conserve the environment through sustainable tourism development in Peru Amzon rainforest.




Jungle Guides

Our team of jungle guides graduated their specialization as a naturalist guide in the jungle of Puerto Maldonado and Tambopata consequently we been leading the jungle                      trpis for more than 12 years,

Most of the land south of Madre de Dios River is protected by national parks. Certainly the emerging border town of Puerto Maldonado amazon therefore is conveniently located at the confluence of the Madre de Dios and Tambopata rivers, and is the best access point to visit the Peru Amazon jungle.

Most travelers arrive in Puerto Maldonado jungle city on daily flights from Cusco. However, there is also a paved road of 311 miles (500 km) that takes 10 hours from Cusco depending on the season.

This is the most biodiverse area of ​​the Peruvian Amazon hence it has the highest concentration of Peru Amazon lodges Puerto Maldonado and shelters in the jungle, with naturalist tourism guides, access to this region is only by river.

The Tambopata national park or reserve is a paradise for nature lovers. Tambopata tours are held in this most biodiverse area of ​​Peru most noteworthy is part of the 60 national parks, reserves, sanctuaries and other categories of protected natural areas which have been created throughout the country.

Peru jungle has world records in the greatest diversity of bird species has increased in these days approximately;

  • 1,236 types of butterflies
  • 592 species of birds
  • 151 varieties of dragonflies
  • 136 types of ants
  • 128 species of amphibians
  • 104 types of mammals
  • 94 types of fish
  • 75 different reptiles
  • 42 termites and 39 varieties of bees
  • Orchids 3,600 species
  • There are at least 6,283 endemic species of plants and animals.

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This large Amazon area extension near Puerto Maldonado is the best place to experience wildlife similarly on any of these Tambopata amazon tours, a short flight east of Cusco, is an excellent place to see wild animals and vegetation, consequently these tambopata tours are the best.

About 20 Tambopata lodges scattered along rivers, provide comfortable bases for tourists of the jungle, throughout this sector you can see various types of monkeys, black caimans, giant rodents called capybaras and some hundreds of Bird species.



Wildlife in National reserve of Tambopata

Tambopata is one of the richest ecosystems in the world, as a result it has a great diversity of wildlife that captivates many scientists and tourists from all over the world.

In these areas you can enjoy one of the most pristine jungles in the world.

This place is accessible by boat from Puerto Maldonado by the river basin
Madre de Dios and the Tambopata river basin.


Macaw clay lick tours?

Macaw clay lick tours

The famous Macaw clay lick colony of Tambopata, where several hundred macaws and brightly colored parrots gather daily for food, is one of the most prominent tourist spots in Peru. Also popularly known as Collpa de Guacamyo in the natural reserve of Tamnopata

This protected area also includes the buffer zone. A highlight of the reserve is the Macaw Colpa or Macaw clay lick, one of the country’s largest natural clay walls. probably it attracts hundreds of birds and is a spectacular sight.

Travelers arriving to the Tambopata river should register their passport numbers at the checkpoint and  likewise you have to show the entry permits to their national park obtained in Puerto Maldonado at the Sernanp office. Tambopata tours will organize all documentation for you.

People and natural life

Relatively few people live, so it suffers less hunting than other areas of the Peru Amazon basin, and therefore is one of the best places to see wildlife. This, due to its proximity to the Puerto Maldonado airport, makes Tambopata one of the most popular natural destinations in the country.

Tambopata Jungle tours take you to one of the wildest National reserve in Peru: Consequently is a huge area of rainforest in the department of Madre de Dios, Tambopata has an exceptional biodiversity: with more species of birds and butterflies than any place of similar size land, likewise a dozen different types of forests and beautiful lakes, and at least 13 species of endangered animals.

What Is The Weather like for Tambopata tours in the Amazon?
The Amazon rainforest of Peru

Is one of the richest in diversity of the planet. The southeastern jungle and its two main protected areas, the Tambopata National Reserve is fabulous for observing wildlife and more than 1,000 species of birds, for the reason that one of the great bird watching shows is the sight of thousands of Scarlet macaws, blue and gold macaw and red and gren Macaw and parrots feeding on a clay mud.

Keep your eyes peeled by more elusive wildlife such as caimans, river otters, and probably jaguars and tapirs with tambopata tours.

What to find in Tambopata national reserve?


Tambopata lodges

The Tambopata National Reserve, an important protected area. Here, a chain of shelters by the river offers various types of accommodation (from budget accommodation to absolute luxury hotels) within reach of countless day trips and one of the largest clay walls in the country.

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Animals of the Amazon rainforest Tambopata

Hoatzin or Punk chickens are easily heard while your boat passes along the Sandoval lake. Certainly if you hear a lot of whistling, grunting and vegetative sounds, you have probably stumbled upon the elaborate mating ritual of one of the Amazon’s rarest birds, the hoatzin. This is a large wild chicken with a blue face and a large crest on the head hence the nickname ‘chicken punk’.

Scientists have been unable to classify this bird as a member of any other avian family, mainly because of the two claws the young have in each wing.

So they can evade predators, hoatzin chicks will fall from the nest into the river and use their claws to help them recover the muddy banks.

The clawed wing is a feature that no other airborne creature has since the pterodactyl possessed. The appearance of the bird is overcome by its terrible smell, which even more may well be the first indication that they are close. Furthermore they have bad taste, so they are rarely hunted. In this time of depletion of the forest, they are one of the few native birds with a flourishing population.

  • Tambopata tours show you countless birds, frogs, alligators, giant river otters and the unusual ear of avian species known as jungle chicken (its official name: hoatzin).
  • For the best tours of Tambopata plan to spend at least one night in the area.
  • Also a beautiful boat ride will take you back to Puerto Maldonado.
    The Tambopata river, 2 km south of the city, has boats to the Tambopata reserve. The boats to the jungle lodges leave from both docks.
Commonly observed animals
  1. Candiru Fish
  2. Agouti
  3. Jaguar
  4. Capybara
  5. Toucan
  6. Pooto Bird
  7. Caiman
  8. Brazilian Wandering Spider
  9. Harpy Eagle
  10. Hawks
  11. Hoatzin
  12. Dusky Titi Monkey
  13. Giant Otter
  14. Trogon
  15. Morpho Butterfly
  16. White Lipped Peccary
  17. Spider Monkey
  18. Red and Green Macaw
  19. Orinoco Goose
  20. Anhinga
  21. Side Necked Turtle
  22. Manakin
  23. Brown Capuchin Monkeys
  24. Chestnut-fronted Macaws
  25. Scarlet Macaw
  26. Kingfisher
  27. Blue and Yellow Macaw
  28. Spix’s Guan
  29. Red Howler Monkey
  30. Cocoi (White-Necked) Heron
  31. Mealy Parrot
  32. Bat Falcon