Before making a reservation with TAMBOPATA RESERVE TOURS, we recommend that you read these Terms and Conditions carefully, as they constitute a contract agreement between, TAMBOPATA RESERVE TOURS, and the Client from the moment the reservation is made. The person making the reservation accepts these conditions on behalf of everyone in the group and is responsible for all payments due. The purchase of any travel service offered by TAMBOPATA RESERVE TOURS, constitutes a contractual agreement between the Client and TAMBOPATA RESERVE TOURS, represents the Client’s acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of TAMBOPATA RESERVE TOURS established in this document.

Prices: Prices in USA dollars calculated on double rooms. Supplement room is up to availability. From 2017 we have open daily availability for all our tours. In case there are not enough passengers to carry out the expedition we will have to join a partner tour operator to make all our expeditions possible. We are responsible for the transportation, guidance and operation of the tours, any inconvenience found in the facilities of the hotels, will be handled directly with them._________________________</>_______

Included services: Transportation, lodgment, and meals from arrival to departure are included. It includes all the described activities in the programs and a guide for a group of 8 to 11 passengers in a group in the Amazon. Our programs include flora and fauna observation options in our refuge path net, fishing, alligators search, typical canoes, relax on hammocks, swimming in lakes or river banks, contacts with local population.___________________</>______________

Not included services: The following services are not included. Flight ticket, airport taxes, extra food not included in the meals, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, communication services, laundry, or other personal needs. We do not assume any responsibility for loss, material or physical damage, allergies, illness, variations on the program for major requirements, unavoidable natural events or external causes from our will or variations caused by third persons.______________________</>________

Postpone Bookings: In order to enable these discounts for tours, we make partial payments mainly to hotels, taking into account your position as a traveler, we will provide facilities so you can make changes to the dates of the tour start on two occasions without additional cost if the change of dates is made at least 45 days before the start date of the tour.


All travel arrangements must be reserved at least THREE business days in advance. For tour packages, we strongly recommend that customers book a few weeks in advance. For group trips, we recommend that customers book a few months in advance. Once clients have confirmed and sent their personal reservation and travel information to, TAMBOPATA RESERVE TOURS he / she will receive a confirmation, reservation by email. Please note that all reservations require a non-refundable advance of 50% of the total package price at the time of reservation. COST OF WIRE TRANSFERS OR BANK TRANSACTIONS NOT INCLUDED. If the reservation is made less than 7 days before the arrival date, the FULL payment is required. If you prefer to pay for your reservation with a bank transfer, contact TAMBOPATA RESERVE TOURS by email and send us all the information about the reservation, the name of the guests, the details of the tour, the type of transport, the preferred accommodation, the date of arrival and proof of deposit / confirmation. The travel voucher will be sent by email to the Client once the FULL payment received has been made. The Client will receive the travel documents: electronic tickets, coupons and itinerary by email. Print these documents, since the Client must show them for all services during his visit to the preferred destination. TAMBOPATA RESERVE TOURS reserves the right to cancel reservations when services are not available (when accommodation is not available, etc.). Reservation services are available only to persons 18 years of age and older, Customer has the right, authority and ability to conduct commercial transactions and agrees to abide by this Agreement. If the customer is using the Services on behalf of another organization or entity, then he / she agrees to be bound by this Agreement on behalf of that Organization and he / she represents and warrants that he / she has the authority to bind the Organization to this agreement. By sending a reservation, the Client guarantees and confirms TAMBOPATA RESERVE TOURS that it complies with these agreements. This Agreement is published in accordance with, and is governed by the provisions of Peruvian law.


Please note that all reservations require a non-refundable advance of 50% of the total package price at the time of reservation. If the reservation occurs less than 7 days before the Client’s arrival date, FULL payment is required. We accept payments through Bank Deposit, Paypal or Western Union for our tour packages. Payment by credit card is only accepted when the online reservation is made through our website, subject to the terms and conditions of our affiliated companies. If you prefer to pay for your reservation with a bank transfer, contact us and send us all the information about the reservation, the name of the guests, the details of the route, the preferred type of transport, the accommodation, the date of arrival and the scanned deposit receipt. . All prices indicated in US dollars and per person, unless otherwise specified. TAMBOPATA RESERVE TOURS is not responsible for changes in currency exchange rates that may occur


If the Client is traveling with young children (from 2 to 8 years old), it is important to note that child seats are not provided for transfers and the legislation varies from country to country. Free accommodation stays for children are generally based on sharing existing beds in the room. If the Client requires a separate bed, they must notify us at the time of reservation, as there is a corresponding charge added to their reservation.


For any special request, inform us in writing when the reservation is made. We are happy to relay your special requests to the hotel, airline or other provider, but we cannot guarantee that it will accommodate you, however we will do our best in advance. Unless and until specifically confirmed, all special requests are subject to availability.


PUERTO MALDONADO TOURS makes every reasonable effort to meet the needs of all passengers; however, our vehicles are not equipped with disabled access, wheelchairs, and other disability aids. We assume no responsibility for injury or inconvenience in this regard. We cannot guarantee hotel rooms for our customers with disabilities when booking or spending the night with hotel accommodation included. However, we will do our best to try to reserve the right room, if available. Passengers with disabilities and / or any other health problem should advise and inform TAMBOPATA RESERVE TOURS by email at the time of booking. We reserve the right to reject a reservation if it is determined that we cannot adequately accommodate or fulfill our obligations to that passenger (s) and / or for security reasons.


We cannot accept responsibility for any item that the Customer can buy locally, that is: jewelry, food, souvenir items, etc. and their quality and value cannot be guaranteed. We recommend that the Customer verify whether or not additional charges for import duties or freight will be paid and we cannot assist him with the costs that the Customer may incur in this regard.


Once the reservation is confirmed and finalized, travel package reservations and 50% down payment are non-refundable. There is no refund for unused tours, transportation, hotels. If the customer’s travel package includes international or domestic air tickets, cancellation of the air ticket will be based on their cancellation policy, in accordance with their fare rules. Only TAMBOPATA RESERVE TOURS acts as an agent of the airlines and is not responsible if said airline cancels, reschedules or delays a flight for any reason. In any case, we will extend the necessary assistance to address guests’ concerns and safeguard their well-being, but the airline will be responsible for the final decision on such requests. Additional and incidental expenses incurred due to delays, suspensions, accidents and local conditions must be borne by the guest. In case on refund, a partial amount will be withheld due to the liability surcharge according to the hotel policy included on tour, in addition to other charges and applicable banking providers.


The global climate is becoming more erratic and unpredictable and we cannot be held responsible for interrupting your vacation due to bad or unusual weather conditions. Please note that TAMBOPATA RESERVE TOURS is not responsible for changes that arise as a result of events beyond our control, such as technical or maintenance problems with transportation, changes imposed by the rescheduling or cancellation of flights by an airline or airline company. main charter, war or threat of war, riots, civil conflicts, industrial disputes, natural disasters, bad weather or terrorist activity and its consequences, natural or nuclear disasters, epidemics, fires, and adverse weather conditions.


Once the Client reserves through TAMBOPATA RESERVE TOURS, he / she agrees to be legally bound by the following terms and conditions. TAMBOPATA RESERVE TOURS acts in good faith, acting solely as an intermediary and agent for vendors and service providers (i.e. Air and sea transportation, hotel accommodation, ground transportation, tours, meals, cruises, travel insurance, etc.) and As such, it is not responsible for breach of contract or any intentional or careless act or omission on the part of the suppliers, which may result in any loss, damage, delay, injury, death, illness or accident suffered by the client and his colleagues. travel in the course of making use of the indicated services. This agency will also not be responsible for any injury, damage or loss caused to traveler in relation to terrorist activities, social or labor disturbances, mechanical or construction difficulties, illnesses, local laws, weather conditions, schedule changes caused by weather or conditions of the road, force majeure such as natural catastrophes, strikes, abnormal conditions or developments, or any other irregularity, action, omission or condition beyond the reasonable control of the travel agent. When embarking on this trip, the Travelers (CLIENT / CLIENT) voluntarily assume all the risks related to said trip, whether expected or unexpected. Luggage is at the owner’s risk throughout the tour. Clients pay fees for the use of porters. All information on the TAMBOPATA RESERVE TOURS website is subject to change and we reserve the right to correct any errors that may appear on our website. These general reservation conditions are subject to change and we reserve the right to update these conditions without prior notice.

PUERTO MALDONADO TOURS reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Each passenger on board the vehicle must respect the tour guide and the time frame in which a tour is scheduled when they stop to take photos, breaks, walks, walk or visit a place of interest. TAMBOPATA RESERVE TOURS is not responsible for delays caused by the client or the person who does not comply with the time limit that a tour guide recommends for each stop or site. Please note that overtime rates may apply if applicable. TAMBOPATA RESERVE TOURS reserves the right to eliminate any passenger who causes inconvenience to anyone in the vehicle, including the tour guide / driver, or who represents a threat to a safe and trouble-free journey.

Some tours may include physical activities such as hiking, walking, kayaking, riding an ATV (all terrain vehicle), biking, rafting, riding in vehicles, which involves risks. TAMBOPATA RESERVE TOURS assumes no responsibility for injuries, accidents or health problems that may result from any of these physical activities. All our clients are responsible for evaluating the potential risks of participating in any of our tours that may involve physical activity. Immediately inform TAMBOPATA RESERVE TOURS if the Client has any health problem before making his reservation.

Flight cancellations and airline delays are beyond the reasonable control of TAMBOPATA RESERVE TOURS, therefore, it does not accept any responsibility for these events. In case of delay or suspension, it is the responsibility of the airline to take the necessary corrective measures to address it and its consequences. In any case, TAMBOPATA RESERVE TOURS will extend the necessary assistance to address guests’ concerns and safeguard their well-being, but the airline will be responsible for the final decision on such requests. Additional and incidental expenses incurred due to delays, suspensions, accidents and local conditions must be borne by the guest.

Please note that it is the Client’s responsibility to organize the appropriate exit / re-entry documents, the validity of the passport and visa for the country or countries to visit. Given the possibility of changes in schedules, routes, programs and prices (of the tour), they will be subject to confirmation

Unused tourist services ARE NOT REFUNDABLE. Whether they take advantage of the excursions or not, the client will still have to pay for it, as this is what is in the travel agreement. All confirmed reservations are already considered GUARANTEED reservations and as such are considered NON-REFUNDABLE.

The retention by customers of tickets, reservations, travel vouchers / hotel and other travel documents after the issue will constitute consent for all of the above and an agreement on their part to transmit it to their travel companions or group member


When travel and health documents are necessary to meet the requirements for visiting the different regions of Peru that you wish to visit, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to acquire them. If the inability to obtain such documents results in fines, surcharges or any other financial sanctions imposed on us, you agree to reimburse us accordingly. You should determine, if necessary, by consulting your own doctor, the specific precautions that are considered prudent for the country or destination you want to visit and to ensure that appropriate medications, vaccines, or other precautions are taken.


PUERTO MALDONADO TOURS is neither a carrier nor an accommodation provider. Each trip (whether it is made or not) that the Client booked by land, sea, river or air is governed by the conditions of the carrier that undertakes to provide that transport. Some of these conditions limit or exclude liability and are often the subject of international agreements. Copies of the applicable agreements are available for inspection at the offices of the carrier in question. It is the Customer’s responsibility to reconfirm the round trip sectors of any air trip with the carrier in question and in accordance with the terms and conditions of said carrier and the respective regulations. When the Client reserves accommodation (whether provided or not), their availability or arrangement is subject to the “house rules” of the hotel or other accommodation that provides or undertakes to provide such accommodation.

Termination. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to terminate the client’s travel arrangements without notice in the event that such client’s behavior is such that, in our opinion, in violation of any applicable law, it causes distress, harm, nuisance or danger to TAMBOPATA RESERVE TOURS, or any of its staff, travel companions or any other person. In such circumstances, no refund or compensation will be made to the customer. Clients should be guided by the hotel’s entry and exit policies. Each hotel varies in its arrival and departure times. However, standard hotel check-in is at 2:00 PM, while check-out is at 12:00 PM (noon). Early check-in is SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY and the hotel surcharge.

Damage and loss of hotel key cards, sheets and towels and consumption of food and beverages in the mini-fridge-bar and other incidental expenses are NOT included in the travel / trip package and are charged to the client.


Clients should be aware that tour guides and tour facilitators are NOT the personal maids of guests / clients. A tour guide (USA) or a tour guide (European) guides visitors in the language of their choice, provides assistance, information and culture, historical and contemporary interpretation of heritage for people on organized tours and individual clients in establishments Educational, religious and historical sites, museums and places of other significant interest. As such, clients should not expect tour guides to personally assist them in meeting all their needs. The transportation of luggage is the responsibility of the clients. During meals, tour guides will sit at the table with customers. If clients do not wish to sit next to the tourist guide, please advise in advance so that we can make appropriate arrangements. Furthermore, a tour guide is also a human person who deserves respect. Therefore, we advise our clients to treat our tour guides with due respect and decency. If customers need to reprimand the tour guide, please do it decently, otherwise we would be required to cancel your tour without any refund.

We reserve the right to refuse service to any person or company that may refuse to comply with our safety instructions, our travel itinerary, or anyone who may pose a threat to our clients and / or our tour guide drivers. Yelling or insulting tour guides / drivers or fellow travelers or third party companies and subcontractors is NOT ACCEPTABLE under any circumstances and will terminate and cancel your tour without any refund. Discrimination against a client or a tour guide / driver for any reason is not acceptable under any circumstances.


Please note that individual travel insurance is not included in the price of the trip and all medical and other costs involved must be paid by the client. Therefore, it is highly recommended that participants take out personal travel insurance, especially for active tours. We strongly recommend all of our clients to purchase full travel insurance prior to departure to cover any contingencies that cover cancellation costs, unexpected holiday reduction, medical expenses arising abroad, including repatriation, loss or damage to luggage and personal liability claims against In the event that you do not obtain such travel insurance coverage before your trip, then you accept full responsibility for yourself and all members of your group, and indemnify TAMBOPATA RESERVE TOURS and to our agents and representatives of travel abroad (as applicable) for each and every one of the costs that may arise, which would otherwise have been covered, had said travel insurance been in force.


Our main objective is to provide our clients with excellent services. If for any reason our customers are not satisfied with our vacation package, we would like to know. We recommend that our Client contact us as soon as any incident occurs. All complaints must reach TAMBOPATA RESERVE TOURS within 10 days after the Client’s departure. Otherwise, any possible right of compensation will not be valid. If a problem arises during the Customer’s journey, please contact us immediately so we can assist you. All notices and communications will be in writing, in English and will be deemed delivered if delivered in person or by commercial courier or courier service, or sent by certified mail.

Any contract or dispute between us and these Booking conditions will be governed and interpreted in accordance with Peruvian Law. Both parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios, Peru.

The effective date of this policy is January 1, 2020. It replaces all previous privacy policies issued by TAMBOPATA RESERVE TOURS We reserve the right to change our policy at any time. Visitors to this travel website should review our policies periodically to be aware of changes.


PUERTO MALDONADO TOURS reserves the right to hire independent tour guides / drivers, subcontractors and / or contractors to facilitate our tours, transportation services and travel packages.

In the event that we are unable to facilitate your tour due to weather and / or road conditions, we will attempt to reach each location, site and destination using alternative routes, but are not responsible or liable for these unforeseen weather / traffic conditions. There will be no refunds available.

All photos or videos taken by our staff of our clients or passengers, during the capacity of the tour, trip or transfer, can be included on our website. Clients hereby accept the use of these photos and videos and may in no case dispute.

No substitutions or refunds will be issued for any unused part of the tours. All sales are final.

Refunds will not be issued for an unused or unused portion of the tour.

Tips for the tour guide / driver are not included in our tour price unless stated on your travel voucher or email confirmation.

Tour prices do not include additional charges, unless otherwise stated in your tour receipt or email confirmation.

All vehicles operated by TAMBOPATA RESERVE TOURS are non-smoking in accordance with municipal ordinances.

We reserve the right to refuse service to any person or company that may refuse to comply with our safety instructions, our tourist itinerary or any person that may pose a threat to our clients and / or our tour guides / drivers. It is NOT ACCEPTABLE to yell or insult drivers, tour guides or fellow travelers or third party companies and subcontractors under any circumstances and will terminate and cancel your tour without any refund. Discrimination against a client, tour guide or driver for any reason is not acceptable under any circumstances.

Security: We understand your concern over the security of card details you provide to us which is why we use a hosted payment page provided by Visanet and PayPal to process your payment.

As soon as you enter your booking and the amount you wish to pay on our website, we transfer you over to the secure payment server provided by Visanet. TAMBOPATA RESERVE TOURS do not handle or store your card details in any way and for your peace of mind, always check for the green padlock in your browser’s address bar.

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