Cocococha Lake

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It is located on the right bank of the Tambopata River, within the Tambopata National Reserve, about 70 km from Puerto Maldonado. It is accessed from Puerto Maldonado by land through the native community of Hell, after three hours by the Tambopata River to the control point La Torre surveillance and concludes with a walk of about two hours. Cocococha Lake has an exceptional scenic beauty in the jungle, has an elongated shape, has an extension of 47.14 hectares. And the color of the water is dark because of the high concentration of organic matter contained in the green of the tropical forest. It has a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna, highlighting the presence of: pumagarzas, otters, black caimans in the lake, blue macaw clay licks. This lake is one of the few that breed and nest in a large community of blue herons, birds difficult to observe elsewhere.

The color of its waters is dark green, that is, the concentrate of organic matter, has a varied biodiversity in both flora and fauna, highlighting the river wolves and the herons of Agami “garza atigrada”. It has aguajales and plenty of grasses.

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