Farming, industrial and artisanal fair

This fair is also called agricultural, agroindustrial, forestry and artisanal and on some occasions it is accompanied by the cocoa and chocolate festival.

This fair is an opportunity to establish business contacts at a local and national level, generating an economic movement with positive effects for local producers. The fair lasts 4 days, time that will serve to promote and present products from the region, learn more about the regional market, exchange knowledge.

The agricultural fair opens its doors to exhibitors of all economic items, in order to offer and demand a diverse range of products and services.
In Puerto Maldonado, the Artisanal and Forestry Farming Fair is organized from July 26 to 29 and the Third Cocoa Festival in Madre de Dios, a livestock, artisanal, forestry and tourism activity. The organizing committee invites the producers and entrepreneurs from different areas to ensure the success of the event.

The annual fair also closes the celebrations for the anniversary of the city, and is also organized by the National University of Madre de Dios (UNAMAD), which has experience in the subject due to professional careers related to the activity that is drives in your breast.

According to the established schedule, greater importance is given to local production in general for July 25, followed, on the 26th, by a sample of handicrafts, on the 27th of the agribusiness, on the 28th of the agricultural activity -where there is an exhibition of cattle obtained with artificial insemination, and on the 29th an exhibition of the forestry activity in the region. A great variety of gastronomy will also be presented in the area.

In Madre de Dios there are several products derived from milk such as yogurt, butter, cheese and etc., to encourage their consumption, also the best yucca and other agricultural products are rewarded, in the framework of the big party popular.

Every year important authorities and entrepreneurs from Brazil, Bolivia and other parts of Peru come to the agricultural fair of Madre de Dios, who are interested in making an exchange of commercial flow with the region.

The program includes the exhibition of agricultural products, agricultural production, agroindustrial and artisan exhibition. It also announces folkloric activities, typical dance contests and musical concerts, among other activities.

Mother of God has a very rich flora, and among which are species of noble wood and high interest.
It has a formidable diversity of typical dishes, has the large number of wild animals domesticated for consumption. They are also abundant and diverse drinks like Masato, chapo, aphrodisiac drinks and many natural juices.

Madre de Dios is home to some of the most biodiverse regions in the world. With parks and nature reserves such as the Manu National Park, the Tambopata National Reserve, Bahuaja Sonene National Reserve and many conservation areas.