Feast of San Pedro and San Pablo

Every year on June 29 is celebrated in Peru the day of San Pedro and San Pablo, date that for Puerto Maldonado is very special, especially for the inhabitants of the community of La Cachuela, where a great celebration will take place on the shores of the Mother of God river.

In the program of activities, which has already been prepared, the fishing contest and other activities will be included.

The celebration of San Pedro and San Juan was also celebrated by the communities of Baja Cachuela, Alta Cachuela, Centro Cachuela, who came together to share the fun.
These festivities are celebrated every year and the aforementioned native town of Cachuela is located 6 kilometers from the regional capital, showing their best finery with natural settings arranged for the party.

The program of activities includes a motocross race, fishing contests and other recreational activities and sports.
The community of El Prado preserves the cultural identity of Madre de Dios, with its native groups of quenas and bombos and their traditional meals and drinks of yesteryear, which include pachamanca.

The fiestas of San Pedro and San Pablo is a custom that takes place every year, in most of the towns that are located on our coasts. Beginning with the parties that are developed with activities and contests in the river. The festivities of June 29 continue to accompany the images of San Pedro and San Pablo, as a sign of gratitude and festivity of the fishermen.

These celebrations with Hispanic elements, now have an identity of our lands, is a celebration that has about 90 years in our country, faithful devotees themselves or strangers attend all popular tributes.

It lasts for eight days and the managers are called, Judges of Water, which are two, the Tapka, Judge of the top and Recuaino, judge of the lower part.
The festivities begin on June 24, and they celebrate it with bands of musicians, castles, and motocross races, a day where water judges parade down the big street, accompanied by their Campos, Cabecillas, guests and folk artists, spreading the word tonadas that will be executed during the holidays.

On the 27th with adoration and offerings, the Bajada de Pedro takes place, preparing the environment for the following days, June 28 and 29, where the population continues to pay tribute to the patron saint, in the midst of the rhythm of bands and musicians.

The central day from 2 in the morning the dancers leave to do their show and after the mass they carry out the procession with the image of San Pedro crossing the main streets in the center of the city, in the middle of songs, praises and prayers, always accompanied by faithful devotees who at the end are concentrated in the main square, intensifying the joy until late at night the parties in the thriving city.

Especially the festive days in homage to San Pedro and San Pablo, are held on July 29 and 30, while days before, on June 24 expresses his joys with his patronal feast, dedicated to his patron saint San Juan Bautista , this is where in all the houses of the field fires are lit at night, with wild flowers and with them they go down loaded to the mass of the town, between beautiful melodies of violins, tinyas and harps.