Handicraft Day

Some useful information

The crafts of the area are made with plants, fibers, seeds and sylvan roots. You can find elaborate pieces from ancestral times such as bows and pona arrows adorned with feathers, typical clothes made with bark of yanchama trees and adorned with seeds and feathers, necklaces, earrings and bracelets made with seeds and animal teeth.

At the moment wood carvings are also made, canvases with images of people, animals and landscapes, ashtrays, paperweights and keychains in chestnut coconut, as well as wooden postcards and various ornaments.

On this day, the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Eduardo Ferreyros, offered a cordial greeting and indicated that thanks to their skill and dexterity, they present to the world, not only beautiful creations, but also the history and traditions of Peru.

He commented that our craftsmanship is a reason for recognition and prestige. Through it the world visits Peru as well as our history and the diversity that defines us as a nation.

Craft lines:

There are artisanal lines, such as textiles, jewelery, ceramics, imagery, carving, vegetable fibers, masks, toys, imagery, aquaculture products, costume jewelery, among others.

 Peruvian handicrafts enjoy national and international recognition and prestige and invited the national population to visit artisan centers to celebrate artisans and to acquire their products.

Crafts are valued for their quality and their own style as a result of the integration of various cultures, generating an identity of high aesthetic content and deep richness.