Holy Week in Tambopata

Some useful information

Holy Week is one of the most attended religious festivities and expected by Peruvians, either for the various cultural events that revolve around it or because the 2019 holidays can be used to rest or travel to the interior of the country in the case of Puerto Maldonado.

It consists in celebrating the joy of the resurrection of Christ, is the slogan of the churches and parishes of Puerto Maldonado and nearby towns, that on Sunday of glory its members and faithful, participate in various sports games and gymkhana, after activities such as eating fish not drink liquor, not eat pork or aji, the whole village shows the devotion of the Maternitans or residents of Madre de Dios, who go to churches and processions in this week.

On this Sunday from early in the morning, many children, young people and adults of different ages gathered at the Santa Cruz de Madre de Dios Parish Educational Institution Sports Center to kick off the day. The words of welcome are normally given by the Bishop of the city, who, prior to the integration games, accompanies the opening ceremony with those present.

Each year the public institutions of Madre de Dios publish their calendars and events for Easter with street maps showing the main processions. The celebrations begin on the Friday before Palm Sunday and continue for 7 days until Easter Sunday.

Held one week before Easter, this is the most attended religious festival in Peru and attracts visitors from all over the country. The biggest procession takes place on Friday morning, some traditional dances of the Peruvian Amazon, events and street art exhibitions, sporting events, agricultural fairs and the loving preparation of traditional foods.

The celebrations culminate on the Saturday before Easter Sunday with a great all-night party that includes the dawn fireworks to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. If you also want to party, take the case forecasts late at night. Crime in the city increases during the festivities.

In the morning, parish priests from different parts of the region gather to be part of this week’s celebration at the Cathedral of Puerto Maldonado, which is Holy Week with the aim of reaffirming our faith.

The celebration for Holy Week in Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios region, is carried out with.

Some faithful from distant villages get ready early to arrive at the Cathedral of this city to celebrate the Mass of Holy Thursday and at this time in Puerto Maldonado you can see that from very early the doors of the markets open like the Mercado Modelo , Father Aldamis and May 3 to sell essential products.