Sine Do in Dari

Festival Sine Do End Dari (Feast of My Earth) in Madre de Dios
The Sine Do End Dari Festival is held with the purpose of re-evaluating the traditions that Mother Earth has in mind.

The name of this festival can also be found with the writing of Ndo Edn Dari, which means Fiesta de mi Tierra, it has a movable date, but it is usually carried out in the month of September.

This celebration intends to call for the participation of the native communities so that they can present their own customs and traditions and in this way ensure that they are not lost. In other words this festival is to strengthen the cultural identity of the Amazon in which all the people of the different native communities show their culture, their customs, their folklore, together with their traditions.

Sine Do End Dari has been celebrated since 2008 and in addition to the traditional exhibition of the Amazonian peoples is a good excuse to achieve the meeting between the native peoples and the city of Tambopata where it has realization.

For this date different events are planned, among them traditional dance competitions can be found, as well as an exhibition of the typical foods of the different Amazonian communities that participate together with impressive ritual ceremonies where ayahuasca is present.

Fair Sine Do End Dari, in the Harambukt language “Feast of my Earth”,
In this celebration the preparation of the mazato is carried out, accompanied by mystical songs.

On this date there is the presence of artisans from different communities of Madre de Dios, such as Belgium and Hell, who meet to show the products with which they start their businesses. As in crafts, costume jewelery and painted looms.

This fair is attended by national tourists and nationals from around the world who delight in the products offered and dance performances. These dances are from different communities like Ese Eja and Seri Pigari. There are also displays of rice piles, peeled and chestnut and crizneja cloth.
The ritual of Ayahuasca is also presented by some native communities as the native community of hell