Tambopata wildlife flora and fauna

Tambopata wildlife flora and fauna

This reserve and fertilizer of 274,700 hectares (1,060.6 fquare Milhas) of the Amazon rainforest of Terras Baixas, cochas and the forests near the ribeirinha dos Malinowski, Tambopata and Madre de Dios, not the southeast of Peru. A large protected biodiversity area of ​​two reserves acolher mais na 1,000 species of borboletas, corn 100 species of mammals, 600 species of birds and hundreds of species of plants and face arbores. In summary, this book (and the Madre de Dios region) acts as one of the most biodiverse sites on the planet. Initially the house of Ese-eja, many families still make their homes in the protected area of ​​the protected area. Within the limits of the reserve, the only places of permanent residence are some ranger stations

Before that, I included the national reserve area and the Bahuaja-Sonene National Park was conquered as Tambopatacandamo Zone. This state was granted to the area in 1990, after some biologists and conservatives proposed some forms of protection. They were interested in estabelecer or protected area to a state of Tambopata due largely to speak (and adjacent Bolivia) dava represents remanescent last great areas of intact forests and plain and hill not Peru (and the world) Tropicais who were also linked to the highest cloud forests, as well as wet savannahs. Essas forests as well as Tinham poucas pessoas Living nelas and os conservation area perceberam that Tambopata Poderia um atuar important corridor between Manu and Tropicais forests in Bolivia,

Although the state of the reserved area allowed the protection zone, it still left the window open for changes in land use. To help close this window and make the area permanent, conservation organizations have carried out additional studies to assess their importance for biodiversity and whether rigid protection works with cultural and social dynamics. Esses Estudos ajudaram um build a strong case to alter and give official protection and the National Reserve of Tambopata de uma Nasceu for a “national reserve” “restricted area”. TRC has to log in and out of ranger stations while traveling to and from the search facility.

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