1 Day Hiking to Sandoval Lake and Canoe riding

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    Start In :Bus station/Hotel (From 6 to 8:40 am)
  • Tamopata-tours-15
    Finish In :Pto Maldonado. At 5 pm
  • Tamopata-tours-15
    Duration :1 Day
  • Tamopata-tours-15
    Phisical Demand :Medium
  • Tamopata-tours-15
    Ages :All Ages 04 Yld
  • Tamopata-tours-15
    Group size :11 Pax
  • Tamopata-tours-15
    Tour code :1dLAKEB
  • Tamopata-tours-15
    Activities :Jungle walk, Canoe ride, , Cayman search, ,
  • Tamopata-tours-15
    Attractions :Sandoval Lake, Monkey Island, , ,
  • Tamopata-tours-15
    Accommodation :Jungle Lodge (1 night)
  • Tamopata-tours-15
    Meals :1 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 1 dinners
  • Tamopata-tours-15
    Transport :Mini Van, Motor Boat, Dugout Canoe
  • Tamopata-tours-15
    Language :English - Spanish
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Tour Map

(morning): Motor boat and hiking to sandoval Lake
  • Motor boat river ride
  • Trekking to Natural Reserve of Tambopata
  • Dugout canoe Paddling around Sandoval Lake
(Afternoon): Swimming at lake and dugout canoe exploration have lunch on the lake and walk back to motorboat on the river bank to take us back to Puerto Maldonado around 5 pm.
  • Take a swim on Sandoval Lake
  • Picnic lunch provided on the beach
  • Transfer back by river to Puerto Maldonado

(morning): Motor boat and hiking to Sandoval Lake

We start the tour embarking at the dock of Puerto Maldonado around the river Madre de Dios and right after leaving port sail direct through the confluence of 2 big rivers of the Amazon, the Madre de Dios and the Tambopata River; the fascinating view of the assembly of these two rivers opens us to feel a greater connection with our mother earth. The trip of an hour downriver to the entry to the National Reserve of Tambopata is full of intense wildlife. After a brief walk and passing the access point to the protected section of the Reserve, we enter the jungle and follow the 5km walk to the Sandoval Lake. After arriving at Sandoval lake we can easily bath in the warm waters, crowded with piranhas, electrical eels, black color caimans and sweet-water manta rays, and it’s guaranteed to be a really pleasant bath due to the increased temperature of the water.


(Afternoon): Swimming at lake and Dugout canoe Exploration

We will have lunch on the lake with a beautiful view of the rest of the picnic-style lake for a while and we will walk back the same way first dugout canoe followed again jungle hike till get the motorboat on the river bank to take us back to Puerto Maldonado around 5 pm.

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