What to bring for Tambopata amazon tours (packing list to wear and clothing )

What to bring for Tambopata amazon tours

Long pants: Mosquitoes are crazy, so you’ll have to wear long pants for all jungle tours and excursions.
Shorts: . you need to consider something like the set of trousers convertible into shorts to be inside your bungalow or indoors due to the heat of the jungle.

T-shirts with fast straps: I suggest packing 2 poles per day. The humidity is quite high and you will get very sweaty when it goes out for morning and afternoon excursions. consider fast drying shirts because of moisture.

Long Sleeve T-Shirts: Yes, you will want to wear at least one long sleeve shirt to the jungle. is to protect yourself from mosquito bites and sun bites during field trips.

Rain Jacket: It rains in the rainforest always and sporadically several times a day. Usually it will be recommended rain ponchos.

Swimsuit: Do not let piranhas and anacondas movies scare you, you can swim next to them and without any problem.

Closed Shoes: A pair of sturdy hiking shoes would be ideal for jungle walks. Most tour operators provide rubber boots.

flip flops: These are essential for shifting indoors after all the tours.

Long socks: it is advisable to wear long socks to the end and if you have even better waterproof socks

Underwear: As with shirts, bring more than you think you will need. and also pairs that are quick-drying, odor-resistant and breathable.

Hat: Neck protection is important for Amazon tours, but you can decide what is best for you.

Sunscreen: On a must see! Do not forget to reapply throughout the day, unless you want to become a lobster. depending on your stay taer the required amount.

Spray of insects: You will need this mosquito repellent that does not stain your clothes.Depending on your stay taer the necessary amount.

After the bite: Even with the best protection you will end up with some mosquito bites hidden in your body. This really helps to relieve the itching.

Lantern or Lighthouse: Many Amazon jungle lodges are off the grid and run on solar power so you do not have electricity 24 hours a day. Bring a flashlight or a headlight that you can keep next to your bed.

Sunglasses: to keep the rays out of your eyes.

Rechargeable water bottle: for excursions. You’ll want to make sure you stay hydrated while you’re there.

Camera: because you want to document this adventure. Do not forget to put extra batteries and chargers

Dry Bag: These bags are ideal for keeping your electronic devices safe and dry when in the water. They are also a good idea for a trip to the Amazon due to frequent rains.

Binoculars: The biggest difference between going to the safari and going to the Amazon is the way to see wildlife. On the safari, you have large animals that are fairly easy to spot, but in the Amazon we are looking for sloths, birds and lizards totally camouflaged.

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